Covid-19 Update - December 2020

What a strange year we are having, the good news is we're still here - albeit in a reduced format.

Hide Updates

The woodland hide will be open again from the 2nd of December and is bookable via the website, we've had some fantastic sessions this year in this hide and some lovely images captured by visitors. 

All other hides are currently closed as during the various lockdowns we have had staff furloughs meaning that the wildlife visits have dropped down. We expect these to open up over the next few months.

Workshops and Courses

We have a few workshops scheduled for March next year as a bit of a toe in the water moment - fingers crossed these can go ahead but if cancellations happen we will pickup with individuals at the time!

Tuition \ Online Talk Bookings

We are happy to offer tuition and online talk bookings as feel these can be run safely