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As well as tuition on-site I regularly get out and about to clubs and communities to give talks and run workshops. These can be tailored to your requirements based on time available, recipient volume and interests and of course budget - simply get in touch using the form below to get started.

The below are all examples of talks and workshops I have run in the past or currently run;

ProHides - The Journey So Far;

This two-hour talk gives an overview of the project here at Helen Browning's Organic and an insight into the day to day runnings of working with wildlife. Popular with gardening clubs and local communities it gives an insight into some of the thought processes and work that goes on behind the scenes.

Photography - A Beginner's Guide

This short one hour talk was first run for WHSmith's to give their head office colleagues a look at the world of photography. An overview of how a camera works, the different types of camera on the market, lens technology and a quick cover of the fundamentals and composition. Perfect for small groups looking at if photography is for them!

Flashgun Photography Workshop

Using a flash can be challenging and daunting and they often end up left in the drawer at home as users struggle to really get to grips with them. During the session, we look at using a flash in TTL, Manual, the various sync modes, modifiers and of course off-camera flash. This workshop is ideally run as a full 6 hour day but I have run shorter evening versions for clubs and societies.

Macro Photography Workshop

Macro lenses offer a view into a fantastic world but can often prove frustrating when first getting hands-on. This workshop is designed to help you get the results you're after by looking at macro techniques, equipment, settings as well as looking at all the other factors that affect an image. This workshop can be run as an evening or full-day workshop.



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