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James Andrews

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"I've been working in the photographic industry for over a decade. Up until recently I was working for Jessops, the UK photographic retailer, and looked after the development of their photographic training offering - Jessops Academy. This role involved the development and delivery of many of their courses and workshops as well as developing their network of trainers throughout the UK. I love helping people achieve their goals with photography and sharing my enthusiasm for it - something I hope to continue throughout my life.

Since a young age, I have also had a strong passion for wildlife - growing up I spent many hours wandering the local woods bird-watching as well as countless memories of chasing reptiles, amphibians, bugs and really anything that moved on my travels around the world. This passion continued through education, so much so that I studied Marine & Freshwater Biology at University to gain my BSc. One of my parents' favourite stories to tell is about how, at the age of six, I presented my mother with a stag beetle in a butter box to celebrate the birth of my sister - apparently this wasn't appreciated on the ward very much, bit rude if you ask me!

When the opportunity came up to work with the ProHides project it seemed too good to be true. Combining my two passions in such a stunning location had to be done! It wasn't easy leaving my old role, thirteen years in one job does that to you, but I remain close to my old colleagues and hope to work with them on projects here on the farm in the future.

For me, great photography is about taking the time to get the shot and not just snapping away. A photo can take a lifetime to perfect, the right weather, the right time of the day, the right subject, it's a complicated formula. I can't promise you I'll be able to get it perfect for you every time but I can promise you I'll try my best to!  

Because of my previous job I've had the opportunity to experiment with all genres of photography. Landscapes, Sports, Wildlife, Macro, Lighting - chances are I've at least had a go at most forms! The subject I have always enjoyed most though is the natural world - whether that's capturing stunning views, animal behaviour or tiny unseen details, the world around us constantly inspires me."

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