• Welcome to ProHides™

    OPENING IN APRIL 2015 - Superb, high-quality wildlife photography hides on a private 1,400 acre organic farm set on the North Wiltshire Downs. The subjects? So far we have badgers, foxes, barn owl, little owl, red kite and buzzard. At the centre of the farm estate lies an award-winnning pub providing awesome food, drinks and accommodation. Could it be better?
  • Little Owls & Shepherd Hut

    We have many owls on the farm, including barn owls and tawny owls, but arguably the most endearing and engaging are the Little Owls. Ours have taken up their usual residence in an extremely photogenic old shepherd hut, basking on the east-facing window frame every morning!
  • ShutterShack™

    Safe, secure, incredibly well insulated and comfortable... Our ShutterShack™ offers three photographer stations, complete with camp beds for all-night stays, WWS® Snoots, super-comfy adjustable swivel chairs and Manfrotto™ Super Clamps for your preferred tripod head.
  • Prototype PhotoArk™

    One of our PhotoArk™ hides settling in at a new badger feeding station on the Downs. The view from the hide is stunning, reaching far across the surrounding countryside. Here, you are literally surrounded by badger setts, but it's also fantastic for red fox, roe deer and farmland game birds.
  • Our prototype PhotoArk™

    Helen Browning's Organic Eastbrook Farm has a core business around based around livestock. The land is dotted with these arks and the wildlife living there accepts these stark structures as part of the landscape. They're galvanised steel and very shiny, but the animals don't care - shape, smell and movement are their only concerns!

PROHIDES™ by Elliott Neep

Welcome to PROHIDES™ at Eastbrook | Professional wildlife photography hides, located exclusively in Helen Browning's Organic 1,400 acre Eastbrook Farm in the heart of the English countryside. Our farm is rich with abundant badgers, foxes, brown hares, roe deer, barn owls, little owls, red kites, buzzards, skylarks, buntings and a wealth of other species.

For discerning and passionate wildlife photographers, this is arguably best region in England to photograph iconic downland wildlife. Here you can photograph day and night in custom-built, ultra comfortable photographic hides, partnered with an award-winning pub and restaurant with eco-accommodation.

Hedgerow Badgers

Badgers and woodland birds! This is one of the largest badger setts on the farm. The sett runs the entire length of a south-facing earth bank under the shade of  mature mixed broadleaf trees. At the western end, the trees stop and the bank continues with a covering of grass and wildflowers – this is the […]

Downland Badgers

Badgers and Raptors! A vast badger sett extending throughout a hollow on the highest and most picturesque location on the farm, with stunning views of the surrounding downland countryside. The hollow is a former chalk quarry, long abandoned and grassed over. Now it is the idyllic home to a vast badger sett, hares, fallow deer, farmland birds and […]

Barn Owl WWS®

Barn Owls & Little Owls in a picturesque barn. One of the most amazing aspects of Helen Browning’s Organic farm, is the willingness to let nature reclaim areas that are no longer in use. In the middle of the western end of the farm, lies the old Woodshed. The roof is falling in. There is […]

Little Owl WWS®

Little Owls & The Old Shepherd Hut… Although resident across the farm all year round, in April the Little Owls return to nest in the old Shepherd Hut – a derelict corrugated iron rust-bucket with monumental photogenic charm. The owls, make their home within the roof to raise their young,  regularly perching on the characterful window – […]

Raptor PhotoArk™

The Wessex Downs AONB, with its rolling downland landscape, is the perfect habitat for soaring birds of prey and carrion feeders such as the Buzzard (Buteo buteo) and the stunning Red Kite (Milvus milvus). Located on the North Wiltshire Downs, Helen Browning’s Organic Eastbrook Farm sits on the western fringe of the Wessex Downs and it […]

Badger PhotoArk™

Our ground-level Badger PhotoArk™ is located in the corner of vast field on the chalk hills above Bishopstone. On two sides, mature hedgerows conceal an extensive badger sett and just behind the PhotoArk™, the Eastbrook Valley has even more badgers. This hide is quite literally surrounded by badger setts! In front of the hide, a developing […]

Woodland Fox WWS®

A small river flows north west through the centre of Bishopstone and along Eastbrook Farm’s western boundary, shouldered by stands of willows and grazing pastures for the dairy herd. The small river and its lush banks are home to Water Voles, Kingfishers, muntjac, foxes and more. We’ve even seen a swimming mole! In one stand of […]

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