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Welcome to ProHides™ | Wildlife photography hides for hire, designed by award-winning wildlife photographer, Elliott Neep. The hides are situated in the rolling landscape of a 1,400 acre farm in Wiltshire. The farm is extremely rich with badgers, brown hares, roe deer, barn owls, little owls, red kites, buzzards, skylarks, buntings and a wealth of other species.

Here you can photograph iconic British wildlife in relative luxury using our custom-built, supremely comfortable photography hides. We operate with flexible start and finish times (where appropriate), a 4x4 transfer service from a fixed meeting point and are available for questions and advice before and during your session. Check out our current hides below...

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It's been an incredible season with over 40 clients with more than a 90% success rate. The owls have now fledged, bringing the season to a close. We're looking at relocating the hide for adult little owl and kestrel
NOW OPEN! Three PhotoArk hides in position at the edge of a quiet arable field, adjacent to a mature hedgerow and extensive badger sett. Badgers are visiting as early as 7:30pm and up to eight badgers at a time. These 'ark' hides provide an intimate eye-level perspective with the badgers. Session times: 6:00pm - 10:00pm (overnight optional)

Our Bespoke Hides

We've designed and built our own hides - practical, weatherproof and insulated, spacious and extremely comfortable

Designed for 3-photographers, bundles of space, high-level of comfort. We have two of these: one for daytime species and the other has overnight sleeping facilities
Hugely popular single-photographer timber hide, designed to be mobile with optional platform to increase elevation, high comfort level, viewing on all four sides
Galvanised steel, fully insulated, mobile hide for ground-level photography. We have three to deploy around the farm. Currently in use for badgers


After some delay in repositioning the PhotoArks (farm was cutting silage), we moved these unique and unorthodox ‘ark’ hides into their new...
We’re thrilled to announce that the little owls have successfully raised and fledged at least two chicks this year. There was a third, but it left...
Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on preparing our PhotoArks™ for a new badger location. All is ready and we are now testing the ark...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed using the badger hide last week. The hides are quite unusual and seem perfect for ground level photography while being very comfortable if you decide to stay through the night with sleeping bag and air mattress provided. The ground level camera position makes for some fantastic shots while the foam mattress makes sure you're comfortable. The badgers appeared around 7.30 and continued to be active long after the last light had faded. I managed to capture some really good images with the setting sun providing the most amazing light. I opted to stay the night so was able to witness the badgers being very active just before sunrise. Highly recommended.

Keith Humphrey (Badger PhotoArk 2016)

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