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Welcome to ProHides™ | Wildlife photography hides for hire, designed by award-winning wildlife photographer, Elliott Neep. The hides are situated in the rolling landscape of a 1,400 acre farm in Wiltshire. The farm is extremely rich with badgers, brown hares, roe deer, barn owls, little owls, red kites, buzzards, skylarks, buntings and a wealth of other species.

Here you can photograph iconic British wildlife in relative luxury using our custom-built, supremely comfortable photography hides. We operate with flexible start and finish times (where appropriate), a 4x4 transfer service from a fixed meeting point and are available for questions and advice before and during your session. Check out our current hides below...

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All our active in-season hides appear below. Click on the label for the full info and online booking

NOW OPEN! We have a nesting pair of little owls in a photogenic derelict farmhouse. We're off to a flier with owls showing really well. Last year we had an incredible season with over 40 clients with more than a 90% success rate over the 11-week period. Check out the testimonials!
NOW OPEN! We have 2 unique PhotoArk hides providing an intimate eye-level perspective of badgers in natural surroundings. Positioned in a quiet arable field, adjacent to a mature hedgerow and extensive badger sett, the badgers can be seen from as early as 7:30pm, with up to eight badgers at a time!
Monitoring... Barn owls in a photogenic derelict barn. Taking things nice and slow with this with the first tentative steps completed. The barn owls are resident all year sharing their roosting and nesting sites between this Woodshed and another derelict barn. Hide will remain closed during nesting season.

Our Bespoke Hides

We've designed and built our own hides - practical, weatherproof and insulated, spacious and extremely comfortable

Designed for 3-photographers, bundles of space, high-level of comfort. We have two of these: one for daytime species and the other has overnight sleeping facilities
Hugely popular single-photographer timber hide, designed to be mobile with optional platform to increase elevation, high comfort level, viewing on all four sides
Galvanised steel, fully insulated, mobile hide for ground-level photography. We have three to deploy around the farm. Currently in use for badgers


Well, what a rollercoaster that was!? Full-on activity since opening in mid-May… Then, suddenly… Gone! For all intents and purposes, it was...
Missing Little Owls It’s been a rollercoaster month at ProHides. There was a surge of activity from the Little Owls (and photographers) and the...
Thought I’d post a few of my shots from the most recent couple of sessions in the Little Owl Hide. Admittedly, the light was pretty damn poor and...

What a fantastic couple of photographic days I’ve had in Elliott Neep’s Little Owl Hide. He runs a very efficient and well run operation making my visit easy and enjoyable. I went for the early morning sunrise and evening sunset sessions to get the differing light and wasn’t disappointed - so much action! The owls were taking regular food back up to their nest giving huge amounts of photo opporortunities especially as they are completely unphased by the camera. The rustic farmhouse backdrop, the varying perches which gave clean natural images for my close up shots, plus a a few hints an tips from Elliott has meant I’ve been able to put together a great portfolio. The interaction with some of the local wildlife proved an exciting bonus. Let’s not forget the padded swivel chair in all this; never have I had a hide so snug and comfy with all the amenities. Can’t wait to get some shots of the fledglings when they appear.

Hillary Bilinghurst (Little Owl Hide 2016)

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