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Kestrel Hide

This hide is currently closed


We have been working in a newly planted woodland area of the farm abundant with rodents.  Large mammals access is restricted to the area, to protect the young woodland, and a variety of birds of prey have benefited from this and visit the area to make the most of the abundant rodent food source.


During the day kestrels now frequent the supplementary feeding station we have set-up and hobbies and sparrowhawks are occasionally spotted passing overhead. As the light begins to settle barn owls and tawny owls can also be seen, as well as heard, visiting the site.

This hide will offer photographers the opportunity to photograph these beautiful birds of prey from a distance of no further than 10m. Initially, we will just be offering kestrel sessions but as time progresses we hope to work with the owls visiting the site in the evening as well.

The images shown above are from a camera trap at the location and over the coming weeks, I will release images taken from inside the hide.


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