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New Blog Series

Hi all,

It's been a little, a bust summer has kept me away from the PC, but recently whilst delivering a workshop, I had a comment from a customer saying they'd love to see some content on technical topics on ProHides - like the conversations we have during the workshops but a resource they can come back to so I thought I'd give it a crack.

The new blog series is designed to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters of photography, from choosing the right gear to troubleshooting common problems. This series will cover all the bases, from the basics of choosing the right lens and memory card, to more advanced topics like lighting and post-processing.

I already have some topics in mind but it would be great to hear from some readers if they have any ideas - reach out to me on Facebook or directly on here if you have any. Some suggestions already;

- Memory cards; why pay more?

- Lenses for Wildlife

- Lenses for Macro

- Image management and editing

- The workflow process

I'll put out the first article early next month so if you've got a hot topic you'd like covered let me know.



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