ProHides PhotoArks™ at current location for badgers

PhotoArks™ ready for badgers!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working on preparing our PhotoArks™ for a new badger location. All is ready and we are now testing the ark hides and monitoring the badgers. We hope to have the Badger PhotoArks™ open from next week – 1st August.

These ground-level hides provide an intimate eye-level view of the badgers as they forage over open ground in evening light. Photo opportunities for portraits have been very good with beautifully diffused foregrounds and backgrounds, thanks to the low shooting angle. Badgers are naturally very wary animals, so you need to be very selective with your shots. This is definitely not a subject for simply blazing away and hoping for the best…

You’ll be lying prone inside (sniper style) or if you find this particularly uncomfortable, sitting on specialised low seating. We are offering evening sessions only. Session timings will be 6:00pm to approximately 10:00pm depending on activity. The sessions are relatively short, so please do not bring food into the PhotoArks™ – make sure you eat before arriving. Meeting time for transfers is strictly 5:30pm as we need to get you inside without disturbing emerging badgers and leaving enough time for our ‘human scent’ to fade.

So far, the sessions have been very good, with badgers emerging as early as 7:00pm and eventually eight or more individuals in attendance. Stay tunes to our Twitter feed @ProHides for the latest updates and developments.