Elliott Neep: Photographer & Founder

Elliott NeepI’m a British wildlife photographer, tour leader and writer. You can Google me if you want. I’m the only Elliott Neep on the planet, so I shouldn’t be too hard to find. To find out more about me, browse, license and purchase prints, visit my website at www.elliottneep.com


I’m a wildlife photographer, writer and guide. I have spent the past decade studying and photographing the natural world. Through my many articles, safari guiding and upcoming eBook, I am sharing all that I have learned on ElliottNeep.com – the home of my life’s work and my full catalog of images, articles, videos and published works.

I primarily photograph large mammals – badgers, deer, foxes, otters, big cats, polar bears and the megafauna of the savannah. I simply have a great affinity with them – fur over feathers, if you like. Imperious-looking birds of prey, enigmatic owls and jewel-like kingfishers and rollers, or massive flocks are stunning and there is always room for them in my portfolio!

My photography can be categorised into three areas: Portraits that capture the essence/character of the animal; Engaging or action-filled behavioural imagery; Contextual living landscapes where the subject is a focal point within its environment. My award-winning images have been well covered by the photographic/wildlife media with interviews and feature portfolios in Practical Photography, Amateur Photographer, BBC Wildlife magazine, Wild Planet Photo magazine, Digital Photographer magazine. My photographs have also appeared in major media publications including the British national press and countless books. I’ve won several awards for my photography in various competitions including: Wildlife Photographer of the Year, International Photography Awards and Natures Best.

If you have a passion for wildlife photography, my articles at ElliottNeep.com can help. They’re not just whimsical musings. Each article is based on experience, with tried and tested techniques, inspiring the reader to ‘get out there and give it a try’. Practical Photography published more than a dozen of them, all based on accessible nature photography – it’s not just exotic wildlife in far flung destinations. I don’t claim to be a Master by any means, but I have survived and thrived in the industry for over ten years, collecting awards, publishing commissions and agency contracts – enabling my images to be published extensively worldwide.

Patient, kind, generous-spirited…
“Elliott is a wonderful photographer and an equally wonderful human being! Patient, kind, generous-spirited and very helpful with clients. Can’t recommend him highly enough – unusual to find a professional wildlife photographer who is as talented and patient with those he is teaching as he is with his subject matter!”
Sue Flood, Wildlife Photographer, Film-maker, Producer with BBC Natural History Unit

Elliott always has an answer…
“There are many UK-based wildlife photographers of exceptional skill and ability, but what makes Elliott Neep’s images stand out is the respect and empathy he feels for his subjects. As a result, an ‘Elliott Neep photograph’ conveys a mood and spirit that immediately engages the viewer on an emotional level. Elliott is also a passionate wildlife conservationist, well informed and highly articulate, whose views are always worth hearing. Whether my question is one of photographic practice, safari logistics or environmental issues, Elliott always has an answer that I can print and the photograph to support it. But perhaps the best testament I can give to the quality of Elliott Neep’s work is that it was his image that I chose for the cover of the launch issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. Such was the power of that image, that it was one of the best covers I have made in more than 25 years of magazine and book editing.”
Keith Wilson, Founder & Former Editor of Wild Planet Photo

Always delivers…
“I’ve used Elliott regularly on my magazine as a contributing expert from the field of wildlife photography. His superb images and ability to explain complex technique in a simple way means he has always delivered on my expectations.”
Andrew James, Former Editor-in-Chief of Practical Photography

Highly recommended…
” Elliott is a master photographer and photographic tour leader. He has become one of ORYX’s most popular and successful tour leaders and his services are highly recommended.”
Adam Riley, Managing Director at Rockjumper Birding, Director at ORYX Photographic Expeditions